Remote Playing PC Games: Building your own “Stadia” in Google Cloud

It’s been about a year since my last blog about remote playing PC Games. Has has my personal use of it changed? Did I stick with it, or was it a one time experiment? Well, as of today, I play about 25% of my PC games on the couch via remote play and I would probably be there more if I didn’t just buy a fancy new G-sync monitor for my desk.
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Remote Playing PC Games: Streaming Outside Of Your Home

Ok so I can finally play my PC games while laying on my couch in the other room, that’s neat. However, despite the fact that playing anything on a bike at the a gym makes me feel like a total POS, I want to see if I can play my PC games from there. From some initial tests, I was getting good connections, but it would always cut out and terminate the connection to the point where every place, even my work’s fast internet wasn’t playable.
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Remote Playing PC Games

Note: Because everyone’s network is different, The best way to be 100% sure of how Moonlight runs on your network is to try it out on yours. This post is not a technical deep dive, but more of a brief overview with a couple quick examples from within my local area network. The next part is going to go a little more in depth in requirements to stream outside of a LAN and some attempts to stream over different connections.
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