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Quickly Make a Mastodon bot with IFTTT

If you recently joined mastodon or another fediverse instace of something and thought to yourself, “If only x was here from Twitter” or “If only this feed was in mastodon”, well do I have a solution for you. The easiest way to turn a tweet (or a variety of things) from anyone into a toot from a bot is with IFTTT (Pronounced, If This, Then That) Let’s say my usecase is I want my tweets from my twitter account to foward to a Mastodon account I setup for a bot.
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Spinning up a Matrix Homeserver in Ubuntu 20.04 in 15min*

This guide was adapted from Jonathan Bossenger’s guide here. He spins up in SQLite and then migrates to Postgres where I kept running into problems, so here I trim it down a little more to go right into Postgres. Also Arul Muhammad’s guide here can be of use if you run into any issues. Also, all the other matrix guides normally reside here. Mathew Hodson(co-founder of matrix), has a video guide here that does everything including jitsi.
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Decentralizing Social Media and E2EE Communication with Matrix

Since around the beginning of COVID, I’m found myself in the unique position where I have a foot in a number of different chat circles and discord servers and group chats on varying services. While at the same time I’m on the journey to deactivate and end my usage of Facebook only to pop back in a few months later. I’ve been moving my conversations around from various places, and then to eventually signal, which I still like, but I found it limiting besides generally 1 to 1 chat.
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